Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Get Around

Think of a hot summer's day.

Think of the beach.

Think of surfing.

Now what set come ups to mind?

You're right, it could ONLY be The Beach Boys.

So it was, that I establish my ego sitting in the traffic, going nowhere on Putney Bridge, in the pouring rainfall hearing to the radio. My head was definitely at the beach, but I was stuck here. The set seemed almost to be twit me "I'm getting tired racing up and down the same old strip…I gotta happen a new topographic point where the children are hip".

But they were right...I hadn't been away for ages...things were getting stale...I used to acquire out all the time...and Iodine was going to make something about it! When I finally got place I got consecutive onto the internet. It was Thursday and Iodine wanted to acquire away tomorrow after work so I was cutting it a spot fine.

A speedy browsing of the hunt engine and...RESULT! minute offers...AMSTERDAM!

Actually, there were many picks of last minute finishes on the website, but the idea crossed my head that the children stand up a very good opportunity of being hip in Amsterdam, so that was that.

On Landing in Dutch Capital I took a cab to my hotel, I checked in and was soon heading out again to see the sights. I wandered past a expansive looking edifice called the Thousand Hotel Krasnopolski on Dam Square and as I was hungry, I wandered in to sample their fare.

Amsterdam is always full of surprises, so I really shouldn't have got been taken aback by what I establish inside:

I was first confronted by immense glass castle dating from 1879 – the Winter Garden, where you can take breakfast or lunch.

My adjacent find was the 'Reflet', an a lanthanum menu Brasserie equipped in the brilliant style of the 1850's. Feeling somewhat underdressed for this healthy one-fourth of the hotel, I passed quickly by.

I finally settled on The Beduin Restaurant. Specialising in Middle-Eastern Cuisine and equipped in an alien but insouciant style, this was just perfect for a driblet in visitant like myself.

Some time, and some courses of study later, I finally exited this mini 'village on the Dam' and ambled contentedly up the route to see what else I could discover. I came upon a quay where I hopped onto an 'Evening Boat Tour'.

Heading toward the onboard barroom I ordered a big Brandy and settled down for the tour. Passing through the illuminated metropolis at a baronial pace, and taking in the guide's historical and interesting commentary, I really warmed to this trip and was somewhat saddened when it finally ended. I wasn't actually expecting to bask this trip as much as I finally did, but Dutch Capital is always able to surprise you.

Night was now drawing in as I establish myself by some coffeehouses in a lively country criss- crossed by canals…ah…a nice java and a bite were in order. So thinking, I entered the café and asked for the menu.

I spent the remainder of the nighttime sitting outside the Café observation the human race travel by before finally heading back to my hotel. Dutch Capital was a absorbing and exciting topographic point to be, and eclectic and cosmopolite City.

By the end of the eventide Iodine had seen so many new sights that I almost felt like Mister Benn stepping out of the changing room in the costume shop, but I had had a antic time.

Brian Harriet Wilson of The Beach Boys would have got been really proud of me...I had really got around!

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