Saturday, July 7, 2007

Festival in the Desert, Mali

Festival in the Desert is a world-renowned, three-day music festival held in the desert small town of Essakane, about 45 statute miles northeast of the legendary metropolis of Timbuktu in Mali. Music lovers traveling from all over the human race to undergo this exotic, one-of-a kind event in the Sahara Desert Desert.

Many Tuareg tribespeople go to Festival in the Desert, some traveling for hebdomads by camel for the privilege of taking portion in this yearly event. Surrounded by work force donning colourful head-wear, women draped in flowing cloths and gold, too many camels to count, and sand as far as the oculus can see, this is truly a expression into the "real Mali" for foreign travelers.

During the three years of the festival, camel drives and races, traditional vocalizing and games, exhibitions and conferences take topographic point during the day. In the evenings, over 40 groupings will execute an extraordinary premix of traditional, modern, and Horse Opera music.

Festival in the Desert is so compelling that it have attracted people as diverse as Mali's most popular female vocalist Oumou Sangare, desert blues performing artist Muhammad Ali Farka Toure, one of the world's top kora participants Toumani Diabate, Native American stone grouping Blackfire, Gallic blame grouping Kwal, English Language rocker Henry Martin Robert Plant formerly of Led Zeppelin, and Malian political stone set Tinariwen.

The 8th edition of Festival in the Desert is slated for January 10-12, 2008, and continually additions impulse and recognition. As such, a characteristic article on the festival titled "Showtime in the Sahara" is running in the July 2007 issue of Amour Propre Carnival Magazine.