Monday, October 22, 2007

Romania And Romanians - From A Brit Who Lives Here, Discover It Soon, Before It Changes!

I make understand the reluctance of some people to come up up and visit Romania, it really would not have got been a primary option for me either, if I heard and believed only the negative fourth estate insurance this state too often gets.

When I lived in the UK, my oppinion of Roumania and Romanians was definately influenced by what I saw and heard, I can also state that when through the Christian church I attended , the offering to come here ,was not received with an copiousness of enthusiasm...Rome yes, Cecil Rhodes also yes, but Romania...why would I travel there. Where was it any way...somewhere near Russia, wasn't it and it had been a Communist stroghold for old age and totally corrupt ..Go there well no thanks!..

Well Iodine did go, reluctantly, and my first impressions, did small to change my pre conceived ideas. Bucharesti or the parts I drove through were grey, in demand of tender loving care and not somewhere that divine me.

However, once outside the city, my temper picked up, as we moved deeper into the countryside and the Carpathean mounts appeared. I initially stayed in Pitesti with a big family, who offered contiguous kindness, credence and generosity.

The short narrative is this...after returning to England, subsequently marrying Liliana, we worked hard,along with the immense amounts of emphasis that travels with direction (sales) in the UK. Then decided to travel back to Romania, and start a new decided to construct ( yes build!) a Bed and Breakfast.

We bought some land ( nearly 5,000 foursquare metres) lived in a collapsible shelter for 8 calendar months as the house got built.

Well how is Roumania for us now?

There is absolutley no comparing with the life style we have, friends we have got got got got got got met here . This is so much better!

The truth of the state of affairs is this, Roumania is a beautiful and undeveloped country.

The Rumanian people are for the most part, extremely friendly and generous.

We have a lovely home, a life style that could never have been low-cost in the UK.

It is still struggling with its Communist past, the beurocratic system can me decelerate and annoying, but we have generally had only aid from the powerfulnesses that be.

We have not encountered the so called mass corruptness on every street corner, if it's there, it have not caused us problems.

Incredible chances be here for any 1 thought scene up a business, particually in tourism. and it can be done at a fraction of the cost in Horse Opera Europe.

In Bucharesti alone there are now 30,000 expats, most of whom bask their lifestyle. Most of the people who come up up and remain with us are Horse Opera Europeans, and most of them are enjoying their new found, space fresh air, and higher criterion of living!

The lone issue we all make moan about is the criterion of drive here...well its somes challenge to state the least, but other than that ...go back to Essex, no way..Im staying here...

Both Lili and I are acute motorcyclists, and rode our TDM850 over from the UK, for certain there are some unbelievable topographic points to sit in Western Europe...there is, in Roumania too ..yes we make have got existent roads, and they are getting better all the time.

I would propose to any biker...come and drive the Transfaragass Pass, it is truly stunning, challenging and will go forth a lives impression. Many of those that have got got come, have ridden it, will state you it is now a "must do".ride.

ALSO, if you like wildlife and nature...Romania have one 3rd of Europes, population of bears, wolves adn lynx.. big countries of the state are now under protection and seen as extremely of import by the UNESCO...and where else can you have got a cup of tea or java at the existent Count Dracula's castle?

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