Friday, September 14, 2007

Fun and Cheap Shopping in Bangkok - Chatuchak Weekend Market

When mentioning about marketplaces in Bangkok, Chatuchak, weekend marketplace always exceeds the list. It is the most celebrated marketplace in Capital Of Thailand for inexpensive shopping, with an eternal assortment of merchandises in monolithic scale. In recent years, other marketplaces soon subsequently shoot around the city, attempting to dispute the authorization of Chatuchak's. But Chatuchak still stand ups firmly as the female parent of all markets.

Covering 35 estate of land area, Chatuchak touts over 15,000 stalls. This weekend market, as the name states so explicitly, is opened only on weekends, and it is probably one of the most celebrated marketplaces in the human race as well. Exploring this tremendous marketplace is no easy task, even with a good map in hand. However, if you make so, you will pretty much happen everything here, right in this market. The numbered alleyways and lanes are helpful if you go on to lose your manner around.

The marketplace is divided into different sections, with a different coloring material depicting each different zone. There's a subdivision for clothing, a subdivision for handicrafts, and other subdivisions will include points such as as jewellery, antiques, ceramics, pets, vintage magazines, postages and coins, collector's items, family goods, arts, plants, wholesale items, and food. Some stores make not always accede to the commodity specified in the declared sections, so most of the clip it furuncles down to our geographic expedition skills. It's rather impossible to see everything the marketplace have to offer, so just seek to research each zone and you should see most of the merchandises selling in the market. In some shops, you might even see surprises like an old Levi's jacket that have not been seen in stores for years.

For the best clip to be there, it is advised to see the marketplace early, as the topographic point can acquire really crowded as the twenty-four hours travels on. In addition, the temperature can lift rapidly as the afternoon sun hangs in the sky, and most likely you will acquire all wet and gluey and uncomfortable in the high heat energy and humidness conditions.

Bargaining is a must in this market, and it is considered the perfect location to set your bargaining accomplishments to the test. Tai people even when bargaining, wishes to make it with a smile. With a friendly and humorous attitude, and armed with a large smile, they are your best arms to procure the best possible deal.

As few stalls or stores accept recognition cards, it is recommended to convey adequate hard cash along with you. But make be aware and on the qui vive for pickpockets, as larceny is common in this place, and it's up to us to proper protect our property and valuables. It takes just an blink of an eye to lose something valuable like our wallets.

There are many novel stalls in the market, as an interesting characteristic of this marketplace is that many up-and-coming Tai people and man of affairs actually started their callings with a stall at this market. So following in their footsteps, there are tons of aspirant endowments hoping to emulate former successes with their advanced crafts. Food and drinks are aplenty all over the market, together with unusual and mind-boggling Tai bites such as as deep-fried insects, Scorpios and frogs, mostly heavily spiced. Try them if you dare, and you might just fall in love with them.

Chatuchak is opened from 0800 to 1800 hours on weekends and also Fridays (wholesale day).

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