Thursday, August 16, 2007

Monte Carlo Conference Weekend

2 years and 2 nighttimes in Monte Carlo, nice work if you can acquire it!

Tracey and Rachel at Brilliant Weekends jetted off at the beginning of May for a feverish weekend managing 110 thirsty Greater London based Recruitment Consultants on their yearly conference.

Staying in a extravagance cardinal hotel with a private beach and impressive facilities, the misses had their work cut out ensuring the weekend ran to military precision. Saturday morning clip meeting and greeting the invitees in true Brilliant Weekends style then led onto a 1 hr conference/celebration before time to acquire the glad shreds on for a nighttime on the town. Luxury managers took the grouping to a sole privatised eating house on the seaport where the cats all did their best to imbibe the barroom dry of Tequila and line their stomaches with the delightful buffet, the Brilliant Weekend girlies then had to set their bossy chapeaus on to herd everyone onto the managers where they were whisked off to Monte Carlos hottest cabaret with a private patio and unfastened barroom until 4am! Champers anyone?!

Never 1s to go forth the political party early (we like to drill what we preach) the Brilliant Weekend misses stayed up until 7am 'supervising' the invitees back at the hotel bar, especially as some took a radiance to the breakfast readyings whilst others decided a sobering up early morning time swim was in order. A few bleary eyes made it down before 10am depository financial institution check out and professional to the end, the biological warfare misses spent the twenty-four hours nursing everyone's katzenjammers (not our ain of course) and sent the last aweary grouping off to the airdrome at 7pm.

Snoozing all the manner place Lord'S Day night, Tracey and Rachel were incredibly thankful for a bank vacation Monday to retrieve and are already looking forward to the adjacent one!!! Antic feedback from the client quoted 'our best ever corporate weekend' so watch this space for inside information of their adjacent jaunt.......

Highlights included:

  • Luxury adjustment in a top hotel with sea positions and private beach, pools and grounds

  • State-of-the-art conference installations and on-site support

  • Private dining and unfastened barroom at a merger restaurant
  • VIP entree to an sole lounge/nightclub on the waterfront
  • Grand circuit of Principality Of Monaco and luncheon in Nice en path to the airport
  • To acquire some inspiration visit their Monte Carlo Conference Package online and lawsuit study.

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