Thursday, June 28, 2007

Khajuraho Dance Festival in India

Khajuraho Festival: a fine blend of Indian culture, history and performers against a timeless backdrop of heritage structures in the heart of India.

There is abiding poetry in every ancient Indian monument with the primeval instincts artistically delineated in stone and captured imaginatively in the silent sculptures that emotively tell a tale of long-lost loves and the mystery of sensuality. Attending the Khajuraho Festival in Central India has a certain fascination for foreign tourists to India and natives alike; with the temples of Khajuraho forming the backdrop for this annual cultural treat, wherein classical dance performers and expert musicians from all parts of India gather together to bring to the audience the wonderment, beauty and joy of poetry in motion, there's memories to be made and delights to be savored long after the ballads are over.

The erstwhile capital of the great Chandela Kings, the Khajuraho of old - filled with various types of fine art forms and skilled artisans that left an indelible mark on this Indian state's claim to historical fame with their innumerable, erotic, romantic and royal depictions on carvings and statues- has made way for a relatively quiet hamlet of only a few thousand people today. Famed for its sculptures, visited for its art-forms and munificence in temple architecture, the physical settings of the Khajuraho Festival of Dances draws the cream of Indian classical dancers for presenting individual and group performances against the sheer magical milieu of the floodlit temples. Words fail most members of the audience who have attended the Khajuraho Festival of Dances but 'spectacular' and 'spell-binding' are common acknowledgements to the near-divine silhouettes that flit across the stage in guise of danseuse and the troupe.

International status given to Khajuraho Festival: a cultural crowd-puller for many years
The Khajuraho Festival has attained international status under the aegis of the Government of India programme for essentially Indian cultural program categories and has evolved into a seven-day extravaganza that is a veritable social and enriching treat for global and Indian attendees. The months of February/March beckon the past and present forms of Khajuraho to come forth against the glow of the sinking sun and be embodied in exquisite earthy harmony through the rich classical dance traditions of India that present these in dance-form at dusk. Among the chief dance forms showcased at the Khajuraho Festival, exponents of Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi and Manipuri report highest community response and appreciation, the most famous of Indian classical dances.

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